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Lycke Eco Care

Discover the brand new eco-friendly product!

Lycke – The caring brand for your daily life

Happiness is in everyday little caring act for us, the community and the world we live in. We are passionate for sustainable innovation. We believe that the caring of today can be the happiness of today and tomorrow.

The Lycke Family

Welcome to the Lycke family: mother, father, son and daughter, an everyday family with a caring heart.

They love, laugh, worry and show respect. But of course they also like to be spiteful. Dad, he always wants to be right. And he has his ways of doing things. His way is the right way. Mom, she knows better, but dad always makes her smile; almost always, anyway. And the kids: they just love having fun.






A brand of the Sofidel Group in the name of sustainability

Less is More: in three words, all the commitment of Sofidel

From the procurement of the raw materials to paper production, from distribution to sales activities, each daily activity of the Sofidel companies is inspired by a simple and clear guiding principle: Less is More, a slogan that captures the Groups full commitment to give more in terms of values, products and services by reducing consumption, waste and negative impact on the environment and peoples lives.

In everyday life this means, for example, researching the most innovative solutions to reduce energy and water consumption, minimise CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, protect safety and health. In just a few words, promote development while respecting peoples present-day needs, without forgetting those of the future generations. Because our children will be the ones having to live in the world that we leave for them.