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Less is more: a fundamental lever of growth

Lycke Care for Water

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3-ply toilet tissue that takes care of you and helps you do good for those who need it.

For each pack purchased, 2 SEK will be donated to WaterAid.

Lycke Care

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Cleaning towel 3-ply extra strong and extra long. Perfect for tough works.

Ideal for pets, barbecue and house

Lycke Eco Care

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2-ply toilet tissue designed to offer maximum comfort combined with a unique environmental performance.

Packed in kraft paper!

Lycke Resist

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Toilet tissue 3-ply enhanced with natural and caring almond extracts and a gentle scent.

Dermatologically tested

Lycke Blitz

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Household Towel ideal for house cleaning, with a unique texture for a flawless result. Ideal for cleaning windows, mirror, kitchen and bathroom.

No dusty residue!

Lycke Absorb

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King size kitchen roll, thanks to its special texture has a very high absorption capacity.

Ideal for Home & Kitchen tasks!